AlohaI am Timo

1 I listen.

2 I ask questions.

3 My ideas never run dry.

Timo Wang is a visual problem solver with a love for philosophy and modern art. After growing up in Tsingtao, Timo has created, studied and worked in Berlin, Nanjing, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Shanghai. After receiving his MA in Graphic Design from Academy of Art University, Timo was hired by The Walt Disney Company as a designer and manager to create concepts for Disney sites across the world. 


Timo currently works as an independent artist, designer and brand strategist. Most recently, he collaborated with Hasbro to create emoji sets for Peppa Pig and My Little Pony as well as with Five Currents as an art director, graphic artist and prop designer for the 2020 Dubai World Expo. 


Timo’s greatest inspirations come from nature and from his mentor Roland Young. He believes it is important to love what you do and do what you love with passion!