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Objective: The objective of this project is to create a comprehensive book on anything of my choosing that experiments with designing typography layout and images. 


Approach: The topic of interest I have chosen is the evolution of the typewriter. There are three parts of the book: typewriter history, famous brands, and famous people who use typewriters. I chose to include some well-known people who have used typewriters for their work, such as Woody Allen, Tom Hanks, and Ernest Hemingway. This is to show people in my generation that the typewriter is still being used, especially by good writers. The typeface I used is called Remington, because it is a historical font that is elegant and memorable. At the beginning of each chapter, I created different patterns by using interesting type symbols taken from the Remington typeface. I decided to explore and expand on the basic principles of typography, looking at innovative ways to communicate with text and image.


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