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Building Tomorrow—

Lionel Industries

Objective: Take a defunct or dying brand and redesign it to fit a future vision. I researched the brand history of Lionel, analyzed possible future audiences and structured a new vision and brand direction. My main goal was to create a fresh visual identity.


Approach: While Lionel’s toy trains can already be found under Christmas trees worldwide, I learned that the company envisions a much larger future that includes a
research center, a school and an industrial branch. Lionel encourages imagination, exploration and
collaboration among the younger generation for the development of new spaces for tomorrow. Using these ideas, I chose to simplify the design of the logo to bring a sense of futurism to the brand.

Three books

Visual Strategy Guide / Visual Development Guide / Visual Standard Guide

The system is composed of three guidebooks encompassing visual strategy, visual development, and visual standard.

Visual Strategy Guide
Visual Development Guide
Visual Standard Guide
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