Motion Graphic

Objective: There are two parts to this design project. The first is an organic way to create a type of emotion to display. I made two stop-motion graphics titled“Disappear” and “Life.” The second is a commercial project with GridNet.


Approach: This project is composited with organic

real-life materials, bringing an earthy feel to everything.

The other part of motion graphic design is made for company GridNet. The company wanted to use a simple way to explain an optimized energy system. We decided to use a simple graphic to combine music notes in order to

showcase the concept.

Life & Disappear

​​For the motion type project, I chose to use tobacco and melted wax to display “Disappear.” To display “Life,” I used light shadow and rubber bands. I made all the preprocesses by hand.” Enjoying the process of creating everything without the use of a computer.


For the motion graphic that was sent to GridNet, we went through the process of using sketches and storyboards and then used a computer to create the animation. In this project, the computer is just a tool to display our ideas,

the most challenging part of designing this project is maintaining simplicity. You must solve the problem for your client in the most effective way possible