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Straw Buildings

Objective: The objective of this project is to create a well-researched case study on a topic of my interest. I was asked to create a brand and identify the various problems I encountered as I developed it. I was also asked to find the best method to reach the target audience using both print and digital media. 

Approach: My topic of interest is Chinese character learning in the diaspora community. The problem I have found in this area is that the young, overseas Chinese have lost interest in learning how to write Chinese characters because they find it too difficult. To solve this problem I have created a Chinese character learning book as well as other deliverables in order to give students the confidence and tools they need to truly understand the roots of their heritage and language. In order to show the evolution of Chinese heritage, using colorful and simple designs, I broke down images (such as a fish) simplifying the image until we arrive at the Chinese characters used today. The Straw Building is a fun and interactive solution that emphasizes the playful aspect of learning Chinese characters while having fun.

The evolution of the Chinese character
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