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Objective: Create a brand image for the packaging of a new shampoo startup company that offers shampoo samples for monthly subscribers. The goal was to target women of all ages by creating an eye-catching and unique design. 



The logo evolved to be a combination of typography and symbol. We chose the san-serif font to create a contemporary feeling and chose to make the “z” in Tryze more abstract. We combined a droplet to represent the fluid nature of shampoo and the symbol of infinity to represent the unlimited potential every woman has to look and feel their best. The abstract “z” we created became a strong symbol to use in the packaging design and was influenced by M.C.Escher’s tessellations.


Pattern Design

The Pattern design using the tessellation, a higher dimension, and a variety of geometries.

Inspiration + Sketches

Math is the most powerful tool - it inspires and guides us to find the insight of the universal. In this project, I was inspired by the artist M.C. Escher. His work moved me to probe how powerful math is and to create beauty around us. During the process, I found the perfect tool to use which is: "Tessellation." Floret pentagonal tiling has become the basic method chosen to help me produce all the patterns we see in this project.  

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